How to Configure Your Terminator 2 Pinball with Profanity ROMS

In order to make your Terminator 2 Pinball machine work with Profanity ROMS, you must make 2 adjustments.

For advanced users, the changes are listed here:

Adjustment A2.22 Profanity Must be set to 'ON'
Adjustment A3.17 Free Play Must Be set to 'ON'

If both of the adjustments are not set, the profanity will NOT work.

If you are a beginner, you may need step-by-step instructions on how to change these settings. The instructions are below.


With your game powered up, open the coin door and press the <ENTER> button.

The Display will say Main Menu and 'B. BOOKKEEPING' will flash.

Press the <UP> button until the display says 'A. Adjustments'

Press the <ENTER> button

The display should match the one on the left.

Press the <UP> button one time

The display will flash A.2 Feature Adj.'

Press the <ENTER> button one time.

Press the <DOWN> button one time.

The display will show 'Profanity A.2 22 Off'

Press <ENTER>

Press <UP> - this will change the value from OFF to ON

Press <ENTER>

The game will save the new adjustment value. Now, we must enable Free Play.

Once the screen returns to 'A2. 22 On', press the <ESC> button once.

Press <UP> Once

We set Free Play in the Pricing Adjustments. Press <ENTER>

Press the <UP> button 3 times until it displays Adjustment A3. 17, Free Play

Press <ENTER> to adjust the value. Press Up once to change from NO to YES.

Press <ENTER> to save the adjustment.

Press <ESC> 4 times to return to attract mode. Press start and enjoy a game.


The profanity is random and it may take 30-50 games to light it and land on it once. Enjoy some games and see how it goes.

To make Arnold curse, you must light locks by knocking the drop target down, then locking a ball in the left Database lock.


The display will add the award 'F*** YOU A**HOLE to the possible selections.

Arnold will not curse unless the game lands on that particular selection. That is why it takes so many games to experience.

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Last updated Tuesday April 13, 2010